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Decentralized and disintermediated data mining for the Web Business Intelligence Industry
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The Old Paradigm

Internet users give away for free their navigational data to ISPs, which sell it to aggregators which combine it and resell it to traffic analysis companies. These integrate the data by extensively applying statistical sampling techniques and then sell it to analysts and marketers. This long chain causes high costs of data collection and low precision and recall in web traffic estimates and it will change

The BIT Model

By using the blockchain technology the BIT model completely re-designs the current scenario. In our new ecosystem, navigational data is collected anonymously and directly from internet users through BIT software agents installed on their devices.

The BIT platform will reward surfers with BIT Tokens in exchange of their anonymous navigational data streams in a transparent/secure way.

The collected data will be deployed together with website content tags/classification and similar websites data, in order to build a worldwide traffic ranking as well as individual customized traffic reports.

BIT customers will use BIT Tokens to gain access to any websites individual data as well as custom made aggregated industry reports targeted on their needs. Worldwide Ranking will be regularly published for free by BIT Platform Foundation as well. Customers will pay only for maintenance and development cost, no markup will be applied by BIT platform for the services offered.

Acquiring individual traffic data from internet users implies the dis-intermediation of the value chain causing a significative cost reduction in data acquisition.
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  • Similarpages’ whole internet crawling data set is already available. This will inject a 200 million websites dataset into the BIT architecture;
  • Web Surfing Agents Clients Development;
  • BIT Platform Development;
  • Web Surfing Agents Clients Release;
  • BIT Platform Release;
  • Initial BIT Tokens Distribution to Web Surfers;
  • Initial collection of web surfing data from Web Surfers;
  • Postprocess Web Surfers data to generate traffic rankings and traffic segmentation;
  • Integration with similarity lists and websites other data;
  • Release of the final Business Intelligence blockchain based service;
  • Marketing activity related to the BIT service;
  • Release of the free worldwide websites ranking (updated regularly);

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Serial Entrepreneur, co-founded Similarpages.
+20 years in Business Development. 
Previously: Allegroassai, Openworks founder.Pietro BorradoriCo-founder, CEO
Web Marketing Director and Start-up Advisor. 
Previously: worked for Viagogo as Marketing Manager, and Skype as Marketing Specialist.Giotto De FilippiCo-founder, CMO
+20 years in Software Engineering, Co-founded Similarpages.
Graduated in Software Engineering at Milan University.Marco LauritaCTO, Lead Developer
Blockstreet Founder, IHB Founder & Ceo, BitcoinIRA Marketing Director. Previously: American Express, EarthLink. Graduated at Tulane University.Amith NirgunarthyMarketing Manager
Founder of the iconic motorcycle brand The Black Douglas. Active blockchain investor since 2012.Fabio CardoniBusiness Developer / Brand Manager
Start-up Advisor and Technology Transfer Director at BEC (Boston Entrepreneurship Center). Advisor in successful blockchain projects. Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.Alessandro TozziCommunity Manager
+20 years in Legal & Administrative Consulting. 
At present: Partner LawTax.
Degree in Economics at Milan Cattolica University.Matteo RusconiLegal / Administration
Start-up Advisor, Community Manager and Web Influencer. Works for one of the most important ISP in Italy. Project Manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast since 2012.Davide Luigi BorellaCommunity Manager
+20 years in Investment Banking and M&A. 
At present J. Safra Sarasin. 
Previously: Ubs, Itp Corp.Andrea BardavidAdvisor
+20 years in Corporate Consulting and Business Development. 
At present Head of Business Development Alipay Italy. 
Previously: Ernest & Young Partner, Booze Allen Partner.Piero CandelaAdvisor
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