Business Intelligence Token

Data Mining Decentralized and Disintermediated. BIT will serve Business Intelligence Industry Customers Worldwide
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If is Free, The product is you Chris Anderson

The Old Paradigm

People gives for free their data to the big corporate such Google, Facebook, ISPs resell it to the Business Intelligence Company that resell it to marketers, businesses etc…how it will change


People sell seamlesses their data directly to the marketers and business and get paid in BIT. Marketers buy the data in BIT at a fraction of price of before.
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Check Our Timeline whole internet crawling data set is already available to let inject 200 million websites dataset into BIT architecture.

Navigational Agents Development

BIT Platform Development
Navigational Agents Clients Release

Initial Distribution to Web Surfers

Collecting data from Web Surfers

Postprocess Web Surfers data to generate traffic rankings and traffic segmentation

Integration with similarity lists
Release of the final Business Intelligence Intelligence based service

Marketing activity related to the BIT service

Release of the free worldwide 1 million lore ipsum (worldwide regularly)

how the investors will make money?

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